Your Last Supper

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The series, entitled "Your Last Supper," is based of the circles of hell. Each piece tells the story of a different circle by using various symbols from different cultural religions and myths.

Beginning outside the nine circles, the dinnerware set starts with a napkin ring that represents the gate to hell. It is shaped like a Tori Gate. It also reads the infamous phrase "Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here"

A spiral traditionally represents the First circle, Limbo. I chose to recreate this idea in a salad plate by using many spirals and specifically a Triskele, which can have many meanings.

The Second Circle of hell is the Lustful. I chose to display this circle as a wine glass, shaped as a female vampire figure with love and Venus symbols. The goblet also has winged handles to represent cupid/Eros.

The Third Circle contains the Gluttonous. I chose to make this the main dinner plate that would be used most often. The Gluttonous is represented by symbols of consumption and two mythological beasts: a lamia, known for devouring children, and a Wendigo, described as a feral human with cannibalistic tendencies.

Greed is the fourth circle which I chose to display as a side bowl using the common mythological story of a dragon hording treasure, specifically the Greek Colchian Dragon that horded a golden fleece. 

The fifth circle is the River Styx. The most common representation of this is the boatman or grim reaper; therefore I chose to make this item a gravy boat. 

The City of Dis is the sixth circle. I chose to use a large bowl to show the description of how large the city is. It is also given symbols of flames, and heretics. I chose to depict lost or fallen cities on the outside and flames and hands on the inside. 

The seventh circle is known as the violent. It contains three layers and I chose to show that through a candelabra. I chose imagery of centaurs, dryad, and harpies as well as burning sand for the symbols and imagery. 

The Malebolge is the eighth circle. I thought a casserole dish best represented this piece. I represented this with the structure of the coliseum and included common symbols of sinners such as the snake wrapped around a cross for handles and an apple for the lid knob.

Finally the ninth circle is the lowest level of hell, known to be the icebox where Satan resides. I decided a double walled wine cooler would be best suited for this circle. I chose imagery of the Egyptian jackal for the three heads of Satan. 

Mythopoeia, Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA. 2013 

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